Bruce Guan – Founder

Bruce came from very humble beginnings. He migrated to Australia as a refugee with his parents and grew up in Western Sydney in the late 80’s. As a teenager, Bruce disregarded his schooling and failed to attend university. He had no real ambitions and earned mediocre income until the age of 28.

Realising that he had no savings, no assets and without a clear direction in life, Bruce decided to reinvent himself. For the past 10 years, Bruce invested his time with reading many books and studying the habits of successful people. Bruce also grew his network and associated with the people he hoped to become. He spent all his spare time on being a better version of himself and worked incredibly hard towards his goals. One of his favourite quotes is “know what you want in life and pay the price to achieve it.”

Today, Bruce has built a multi-million dollar property portfolio and has helped hundreds of Australians do the same. He has spoken in front of thousands of people about the importance of decision making, mindset and healthy wealth habits.

Bruce, along with his co-founders, founded Investmentor with the philosophy that anyone, regardless of their background or education can succeed at anything in life. He spends his spare time educating others how to achieve results even if it seems impossible.

Outside of his career, Bruce loves to spend time with his family, especially playing with his son. Bruce’s two role models in life are Bruce Lee and Bruce Wayne.

Joshua Ure – Co-Founder, CEO & Head of Property

Josh is a co-founder and the Director of Property Acquisitions here at Investmentor. Josh has amassed more than 10 years experience in the property industry having been involved across many facets of residential real estate across Australia including corporate restructuring & advisory, market research & analysis, and property acquisitions and transactions.

Josh always knew he wanted to be in property from an early age as he enjoyed watching property renovation and design shows with his parents and had family members who restored heritage properties in his home country of Scotland. After finishing high school, Josh was on the first plane to the Gold Coast where he studied Property & Sustainable Development at Bond University.

Josh’s main strengths and expertise are well aligned to his day-to-day responsibilities which include:

  • Searching the country for the best off-market residential investment opportunities
  • Negotiating the best deals for our members
  • Serving Investmentor staff and members to ensure we all prosper together

Josh’s “why” is to create a safe environment for everyday Australians to invest in property by managing risk, maximising returns and as a result, create long term prosperity for members and their families.

Josh’s hobbies include flying helicopters, eating out and spending time with his family and friends.

Priscilla Cheung –  Co-Founder,  Head of Strategy

Like many new migrants, Priscilla came to Australia a little over 30 years ago with extremely limited English skills, financial means and social ties except for a sheer determination to make a mark in this new country. Priscilla stayed in shared accommodation with fellow international students and juggled part-time work as a kitchen hand and full time studies.

Despite the initial struggles, she went on to complete her tertiary education and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, Graduate Diploma in Management and CPA qualifications. Priscilla then transitioned into the corporate world progressing from a Trainee Accountant to a Senior Finance Executive within a Fortune 500 multinational company. Priscilla soon realised that having one source of income and purely relying on her time to make a living wouldn’t be sufficient to achieve her financial and lifestyle goals. She has since become a keen and active property investor for over 25 years and acquired a multi-million dollar portfolio across multiple capital cities in Australia.

With her passion for People and genuine desire to help others in succeeding, Priscilla joined one of the leading property investment companies in 2010 and became the Chief Investment Strategist for the Group. Over the past 10 years, Priscilla achieved amazing milestones and helped hundreds of clients to invest in more than 500 properties which valued more than $270 millions. Priscilla created a loyal client base who highly valued her expertise, professionalism and genuine care and saw her not only as their property mentor and advisor but also an integral part of their life journey.

As one of the co-founders of Investmentor, Priscilla and her team are more determined than ever to serve and support their customers to thrive and succeed personally and financially.

Priscilla is married with two teenage children and loves travelling the world with her family.


John Angga – Co-Founder, Head of Research

Being a native of the Northern Beaches in Sydney, John truly appreciates the opportunities that Australia provides and firmly believes there is no better place to call home. John studied Engineering at UTS and began his career as a Junior Engineer at a leading engineering firm in Sydney.

Although an introvert at heart, his drive to build his own business at an early age saw John opening an Interactive Marketing company. Although he learnt things the hard way, John was the pioneer behind the first 3D social media interactive booth in Sydney with his biggest clients being Woolworths, Zurich, Coca Cola, Sydney Uni, Rebel and Myer. The invaluable experience he accumulated taught him many lessons in business and in life – perseverance, resourcefulness, networking, confidence and a strong desire to succeed.

After successfully exiting his business venture, John seized the opportunity to further grow his business experience by entering into the property industry. Combining his personal property investing experience and vast knowledge in wealth building, John plays the role of property mentor for many of his clients. John has cultivated a market and serves as an invaluable resource to property buyers and property investors.

Approaching the industry with the same grit and determination, clients and colleagues appreciate John’s work ethic, strong knowledge and easy-going style. A proud father of two teenage girls, when John is not searching for the best property for his client, he enjoys playing basketball, billiards and playing pranks with his daughters.

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