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Our mentorship program is tailored to help our members prosper by overcoming the obstacles and hurdles facing most property investors in Australia. We know from experience because it has not been all smooth sailing for us when it comes to property investment.  This program originates from real-life experience,  not what you read from books or watch on YouTube.
The program consists of 5 steps that will guide you to accelerate your property journey.

What You'll Get

When You Join Our Program...

Personal Property Mentor

Personalised 1 to 1 sessions with your very own property mentor. All our Property Mentors have personally built up multi-property portfolios and by working with them you'll gain complete understanding of your financial goals & the pathway to achieve them.

Access To Our Research

Access to research that we pay $50k+ per year for, the type of research that will pin point the precise location on where you need to buy to hit your goals, we run weekly workshops where we translate and deliver the research to you in a digestible format so that you know what to do.

Complete Finance Plan

A savings plan, cashflow optimisation, tax reduction strategy, property funding strategy, access to our finance experts, access to our finance software and tools but most importantly, you'll gain complete control and understanding over your personal finances.

Access To Off-Market Properties

Access to properties that are undervalued & positive cashflow, you'll never need to deal with a real estate agent or developer ever again, you'll never over pay for a property again, and most importantly, we take the power away from agents and developers and put it into YOUR hands.

End-To-End Lifetime Support

Lifetime access to all of the above, end-to-end support of your properties, access to our investor community, never ending education and you'll never worry about what you need to do next because we will hold your hand through it.

Simple Pricing

Select from two payment options

One Time

One Payment Of:
$ 4997 /lifetime
  • Personal Property Mentor
  • Access To Our Research
  • Complete Finance Plan
  • Access To Our Off-Market Properties
  • End-To-End Lifetime Support

Payment Plan

6x Monthly Payments Of:
$ 997 /month
  • Personal Property Mentor
  • Access To Our Research
  • Complete Finance Plan
  • Access To Our Off-Market Properties
  • End-To-End Lifetime Support

Our Guarantees


Action Based 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

All we ask is for you to complete your strategy session with your property mentor, after that, if you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your money back 100%.

Lifetime Membership Guarantee

We guarantee there’ll be no further costs on your membership no matter what, this is a one-time payment deal, no more to pay guaranteed.

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