Menangle Park: A Gem in the Making

Are you equipped with the foresight to excel as an investor? Let’s put your instincts to the test. Allow us to introduce you to Menangle Park, a hidden gem located just 50 kilometers southwest of Sydney. While its unassuming façade may not immediately catch your eye, beneath the surface lies a wealth of potential and opportunity waiting to be unearthed.

Why Foresight Matters in Investing

In the foreseeable future, Menangle Park is poised for significant growth and development. With new projects and expansions on the horizon, this lesser-known suburb is primed to evolve into a vibrant and prosperous community.

One of the key drivers of this transformation is the development of the Aerotropolis, a new city and airport project in nearby Badgerys Creek. This project is expected to bring a wave of new residents and businesses to the area, with the population projected to skyrocket from 2,000 to 17,000 residents in the next decade.

Seizing the Opportunity for Our Members

We were one of the first to spot the potential of Menangle Park back in 2021. We knew that buying early would pay off for our investors.

We got a great deal on a property in Menangle Park. While similar properties were selling for $800,000-$820,000, we snagged a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom house with a garage for $772,000.

In just two and a half years, this property shot up in value to over $1.15 million – that’s a growth of $378,000! Plus, we’re renting it out for $650 a week, giving a solid return.

Details on Property Acquisition

In February 2021, our member, aged 38 with a household income of $155,000, secured a promising property in Menangle Park with an initial deposit of $59,350.Eight months later, an additional $51,670 was contributed, securing the property at an 88% LVR (loan to value ratio).

INITIAL DEPOSIT (Feb 2021)$59,350
SETTLEMENT (Nov 2021)$33,290
STAMP DUTY (Nov 2021)$13,410
EXTRA FEES (Nov 2021)$4970


While carrying an investment property with a $679,360 loan may seem daunting, let’s dissect the financials to understand the annual and weekly expenses.

Total Rent$33,800$650
Interest Rate6.80% 
Interest Payments$46,196$888
Other Expenses$7,580$146
Total Expenses$53,776$1,034

By leveraging depreciation and negative gearing, our member significantly reduced taxable income, resulting in substantial tax savings:

TAX Benefits (Depreciation & Negative Gearing)

By leveraging depreciation and negative gearing, our member significantly reduced taxable income, resulting in substantial tax savings:

Current Income $155,000
Depreciation -$27,000
Rental Loss Tax Claim -$19,976
Reported Income $108,024
Current Tax Payment $45,517
New Tax Payment $27,735

By claiming the properties depreciation and rental loss during tax time, our member was able to receive $17,782 of untaxed CASH last financial year.

Total Holding Costs (After TAX Benefits)

With tax savings factored in, our member’s holding costs were significantly reduced:

Holding Costs BEFORE TAX$19,976$384
TAX SAVINGS– $17,782– $342

What our member did with $378,000 growth!

After seeing their property’s value surge by $378,000, our member didn’t just sit back and watch. They used this growth to expand their investment portfolio further. Using a strategy we advocate at Investmentor, our member utilized the increased equity in their Menangle Park property to purchase another investment property.

They didn’t need to rely solely on their income or savings to expand their portfolio. Instead, they accessed the increased value of their property through refinancing.

Property Value$1,150,000
Purchase Price$772,000
Total Growth$378,000
This move allowed our member to turn the locked-in growth of $378,000 into accessible, tax-free cash. With this cash in hand, they were poised to pursue further investment opportunities through Investmentor.

New Loan 80% of $1,150,000$920,000
Original Loan 88% of $772,000$679,360
Released Equity$240,640

This approach embodies our philosophy at Investmentor: empowering investors to maximize the potential of their assets and achieve their financial aspirations.

What this means for you?

If you’re interested in investing in Menangle Park or similar areas, you can join our membership. Alternatively, watching Bruce’s Wealth Multiplier Workshop is the best way to learn EVERYTHING you need to know in under 2 hours. Watch the next LIVE session by signing up below.

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Bruce Guan’s 👉🏻 Wealth Multiplier Workshop (This is a free 2 hour workshop where Bruce shares lessons from his vast experience as an investor and how everyday people can become successful Investors)


Need help with your investment journey? Join Investmentor to be paired with a dedicated mentor, develop a strategy and access our property and location showcases presented to you weekly.

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Stefan Cvetkovic
Stefan Cvetkovic
2. June, 2021.
My experience with Investmentor has been very positive. My mentor Tony has been very helpful and is the reason that I've had the informed confidence to purchase my first investment property. They do their due diligence and research to help you purchase a property that is right for you, whether it's a first home or an investment. They truly try to understand your position and where you are at in life before laying out the best possible options for your goals. They also take family circumstances into consideration. I know that my partnership with Investmentor will be a lifelong investment.
Roblox Hemi
Roblox Hemi
28. May, 2021.
In the process of purchasing our second investment property. Would not have felt confident doing this by ourselves. But from the start, our mentor Audrey has been incredible. Was a little hesitant at first, seeing their ad come up on my Facebook feed, (you always think things like this are some kind of scam) but absolutely not. Do yourself a favor. Join up for a free webinar. Have a listen. Have a think...If you like what you hear (we certainly did) ....then LEAP! Highly recommend this company.
Glen Janto
Glen Janto
27. May, 2021.
Tony has been a great help in guiding me towards purchasing my first property. Coming into our initial discussions, my goals seemed fairly short term as pointed out by Tony since I was only looking for an apartment type property. Tony felt that I should look more long term in terms of my investment and suggested that purchasing a home was a much better option considering my circumstances and future prospects. I was quite hesitant at first due to my current financial situation, but Tony was able to thoroughly explain to me how it was very possible to purchase the property through several meetings and gave me the confidence to do so in the end. Therefore the biggest value I had gained from my experience with Tony was that he taught me to strive and aim for more and go beyond my comfort zone in order to achieve more for my future. Many thanks to him for all of his guidance and time he has put aside to help me and my family.
finn sebastian
finn sebastian
27. May, 2021.
I’ve had a great experience with Tony. He has been great when answering any questions I have, and walking me through the steps to reach my investment goals. Very personable and trustworthy. 👌🏻
shaka Adadikam
shaka Adadikam
26. May, 2021.
When I first come across one of investmentors advertisements, I was quite sceptical. I thought that maybe it was just a gimmick and that I would get scammed. After the first webinar with Bruce, I really felt that I could trust investmentor with helping me secure my finances through property investment. I partnered with them in January and within 2 days Tony Ng called me and set me up for a call with my mentor, Audrey. I was expecting that Audrey would just tell me that I needed to save this much money, spend that much money and invest money in a certain property, but I was wrong, it was so much more than that. Audrey spent this first video call getting to know me, who my family was, asked me why I decided to partner with investmentor and she really made my wife and I feel welcome. We immediately felt comfortable with speaking about our current situation along with our future goals. After the second call, we knew that we were in good hands! As a first time investor, Audrey coached us to understand different strategies to help us purchase an investment property. It has now been nearly 5 months since Audrey started mentoring us and she has helped us restructure our finances and by the end of April, we settled on our very first investment property. Audrey has been with us every step of the way. She would contact the people that were involved in the process as well as introduce us to a broker and a solicitor. Whenever We received emails and didn’t understand what it meant, she coached us through it so that we knew exactly what it was saying. Audrey has taught us so much about investing and having her and the Investmentor team behind us, we are excited and confident about the journey that is ahead.
Paulo Felipe Dias Barbosa
Paulo Felipe Dias Barbosa
21. May, 2021.
At Investmentor, I’ve found people that genuinely care about my personal victories, both financially and personally. My mentor, Tony Ng, is an absolute legend. He’s helped me creating a plan that allowed me purchasing my first property in just a couple weeks, and is always available to support me throughout the whole process. Mahsa, my relationship manager, is always making sure I don’t have any unanswered questions. I couldn’t be happier about how positively my life has been impacted by Investmentor in such a short amount of time. I’m sure this will be a lifelong, successful partnership.
20. May, 2021.
My experiences with Investmentor is above and beyond! I’ve just purchased my first investment property through their services. They well looked after me from A to Z. After I subscribed to their 30-day free trial membership, they quickly assigned a mentor for me to arrange for a consultation. I was completely new to property investment, but my mentor, Tony clearly explained how property investment would benefit, which properties are good for investment and why, without being salesy. They never tried to sell me anything, but I was the one who decided to purchase the investment property. I feel like I've made the right decision. It would’ve never happened if I tried to do everything by myself. I’d highly recommend Investmentor if you are considering purchasing either an investment property or a property to live in, but don’t know where to start. I’d like to thank Investmentor for making my dreams come true.
Steven Guan
Steven Guan
20. May, 2021.
I purchased my first home via Investmentor and I would highly recommend them. My journey with them started with a 30 day free trial and in that time my mentor Illinna answered all my concerns and I am satisfied with the property investment plan she had customised for me. I think the biggest value I got out of this relationship (so far) was the recommendation on my first property purchase. The amount of research done by the team into why that property is a good buy, it's potential for growth, and why it is safe is phenomenal. Moreover there were some special benefits that came as a result of the dealing between Investmentor and the developer. Special thanks to Illinna who worked with me diligently and went above and beyond to answer my concerns.
Joseph Schindler
Joseph Schindler
11. May, 2021.
My experience with Investmentor. One day, late last year. I was very bored scrolling through my Instagram feed, not really having any idea what I wanted to achieve in life and no goals. I came across Bruce and his add for a free live webinar. At first I thought to myself “Oh here we go just another Instagram add” but i decided to give it a shot. At the webinar one of the very first things Bruce asked everyone. “What are your goals and how much passive income you wish to be making” i immediately changed my way of thinking. Bruce then went on to speak about, the right time to buy, the right properties to buy and certain strategies on how to obtain a positive cash flow properly. I signed up straight away knowing that working along side Investmentor would be my best investment yet. The next day I received a phone call from a lovely lady, Audrey. She got to know me and told me she had the perfect mentor for me. His name is Tony. Tony is very direct. He doesn’t care what it takes. His goal is to do whatever it takes to help you secure opportunities. You will always be moving forward while working with Tony. No question is a stupid question. Day or night, you can always rely on Tony. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor. My most successful deal occurred about a week ago when i was using a broker of my choice. I was having issues with my broker. He wasn’t able to get my finance approved. Tony suggested that I use their broker named Jordan. Jordan being rated 1 of the top 3 brokers in Australia was able to get the same deal approved in a little bit over a week. It was like magic! Thanks to the team at Investmentor I now have a few properties in my property portfolio and I’m looking forward to the journey ahead.

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