When 2020 began, like many of you, I could not have imagined where the year would take us, I promise you, being a founder of a startup business was definitely not part of the plan!

However reflecting on the past 5 months (I actually can’t believe it’s only been 5 months, it’s felt more like 2 years), I find myself thinking about how we got here, and a good friend of mine the other day put it best when he said “your experiences over the last few months is the makings of an incredible book one day” and you know what? I couldn’t agree more.

To start Investmentor was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so when it presented itself, I jumped at it without any hesitations. I knew going into this it would be a rough ride, considering we were in the middle of a pandemic, while most of the world was clinging on to what they already have, here I was stepping into the unknown. But as I said, no hesitations, and here’s why:

I spent the last 6 years trying to look for good people (kind-hearted property professionals who care about their customers) in the property industry and while I met a few, I can honestly tell you that it proved to be a challenging and almost impossible task at times. At Investmentor, I quickly realised what we had here was undoubtedly the best people in the industry. We are completely aligned in our shared vision, values and the legacy we want to build through our business. “Once in a lifetime” is really an understatement, this was a “once in 10 lifetimes” opportunity.

Looking back now, I can tell you that we’ve encountered some monumental challenges but I can also honestly say that every one of these challenges has sprouted new found lessons in life and business. In fact, they were all just early Christmas gifts in disguise, it made our resolve stronger, it bonded all of us closer together and it empowered us to work harder (harder than I ever imagined!).

We’ve proved that with the right intentions, a capable team, and an unbreakable resolve, we can achieve anything and everything we set out to achieve. We’ve managed to hit all our targets and even surpassed a few of them. We’ve even established ourselves as one of the fastest growing companies within our industry.

There aren’t many companies out there that will hold themselves accountable to the success of their customers. Investmentor isn’t just a feel-good club, we are here to get our members results, and we make ourselves accountable to them. That’s the difference.

2021 is shaping up to be an incredible year for the property market, but it’s also not for the faint hearted, those who don’t adapt to the new world post COVID will be left behind. This will not be us; we can’t wait to share with you our new innovations that we’ve got planned.

To all our families, friends, members and supporters, there are no words to thank you enough, we are here because of you. May 2021 bring you and your loved ones much health, joy and happiness, we are excited to share in our success with you in the years to come.

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